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Kyu Grade Grading Results - Sunday 10th March 2019.


On Sunday 10th March we held our first club Kyu grading of the year at Cardinal Allen High School Fleetwood, for students attempting their first grade of 9th Kyu yellow belt right through to one student attempting their 1st Kyu grade.

I am pleased to say we had a 100% pass rate on the day – this is partially due to the pre-assessment - where students are looked at prior to the grading day and failed at this level if they are not ready to move forward and need more time; and to the Instructor Team and Sempai’s who do a fantastic job week in, week out dedicating their time to teaching students and preparing them for their next grades.

Each grading is very different from the last but the dedication and high attendance numbers remain the same and a big thank you must go to the parents and family members who commit their time to driving their children and family members to classes and observing and supporting from the sides both at classes and on grading days.

We had a number of students attending their very first grading and some of these were very young, all the white belts worked hard all afternoon and handled the grading and what was asked of them brilliantly. Well done to all our new yellow belts!

The grades of our new 8th Kyu Orange belts to 4th Kyu purple belts also worked extremely hard throughout the grading and there are some students with brilliant potential coming through the ranks, some of these students have increased their training from once to twice a week and it definitely showed! Well done to everyone within this group – Congratulations on your new belts. Keep training hard and attending classes regularly and the grades will come.

We always mention by name those students who have obtained the grade of 3rd Kyu and above as to get to these grades takes many years of determination, effort and commitment.

Obstacles sometimes come up to challenge you, particularly in these higher grades and lots of doubts can form. The battle is always within yourself, and the development of a student’s character will always deify if they will make it to a black belt ranking and beyond.

Hamish Collins – 3rd Kyu
Hamish has trained at the Lowton class for a number of years and in the past six months has increased his training to twice a week. Hamish is a very quiet natured student who is always pleasant in class and has improved greatly since his last grading. On the grading day Hamish tried his hardest all day, he is starting to put more kimae into his kata’s and his kumite skills are also better with a little more understanding. There are still a number of significant things Hamish needs to work on before moving forward in his grades, but he has immediately started senior class since obtaining his 3rd Kyu and is showing a great attitude to his training. Well done Hamish, keep working hard and those grades will come. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu!

Rachel Wilmot – 3rd Kyu
Rachel has been training at the Blackpool dojo’s and has steadily progressed through her grades. She rarely misses classes and is dedicated to her training. Rachel tried her hardest on the grading day and has significantly improved since obtaining her 4th Kyu. Her kata’s and basics were a lot cleaner than at previous gradings and she seemed to carry much more confidence when going through her stances. Rachel did struggle a little in areas of the kumite section when pushed and her kumite is something that still needs work to increase her understanding of distance and control, however she kept going and didn’t give in despite being very tired. Now Rachel is a 3rd Kyu grade she needs to start regularly attending senior class to develop her further and help her obtain her higher Kyu grade levels, black belt and beyond. Well done on your 3rd Kyu Rachel - keep working hard. Congratulations!

Nick Snowden-Pears – 3rd Kyu
Nick is one of our great adult male students in the club, he has a fantastic attitude to his karate always giving 100% in classes and rarely missing any training sessions. He is an absolute pleasure to teach and tries his hardest at everything he does. Nick continues to improve from grading to grading and now he has started senior class I’m sure this will increase even more. Nick was brilliant at the grading – he worked tirelessly all afternoon and gave every section his all. His basics and kata’s were nice and clean and he handled every kumite section confidently with great kicks, blocks and punches all the while respecting all his sparring partners, showing how much he is improving in this area. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Nick – a thoroughly deserved grade!

Lorna Lightfoot – 3rd Kyu
Lorna is another fantastic female student with a great attitude towards her karate. She is an absolute pleasure to teach and is now taking her karate very seriously. She is starting to believe in herself much more and her great dedication towards her training saw her awarded with the role of Sempai at our yearly presentation evening back in December. Lorna did brilliantly at her grading she took everything in her stride and worked hard all afternoon. She is attending senior class regularly and this has helped her kata’s and stances improve greatly. Well done Lorna, great work - you should be very proud of your progress. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu.

Nicola Snowden-Pears – 2nd Kyu
Nicola is another of our amazing female students who has a fantastic approach to her karate training and rarely misses any classes. She is an absolute pleasure to teach with a great personality and is always smiling. She always gives 100% and tries her hardest at everything she does. Nicola is a regular trainer of senior class and is improving vastly in all areas because of this. On the grading day Nicola worked hard all afternoon her kata’s were tidy and taken with great confidence, her basics were lovely and clean and her kumite had great distance and understanding. Nothing really troubled Nicola all afternoon and I am really pleased with her progress. Very well-done Nicola – a very deserved 2nd Kyu. Congratulations!

Mandy Chalk – 2nd Kyu
Mandy is a fab student to have in the dojo, she is a pleasure to teach and always tries her hardest at everything she does. Regularly training and rarely missing classes including senior class, Mandy is very consistent and has a great attitude both in regular and senior classes. She is starting to make good progress but needs to believe in herself more now to gain confidence within her karate and to continue to enable her to move forward. Mandy did really well on her grading – there were no issues in any sections and all her stances, basics and kata’s were executed well. In kumite Mandy handled all her sparring situations well and showed great maturity and understanding with distance and control. Well done Mandy – keep training hard. Congratulations on your 2nd Kyu!

Lisa McKenzie – 2nd Kyu
Lisa is a very committed and passionate student who always gives 100% in classes and takes her karate very seriously. Lisa trains regularly in classes rarely missing and has also started senior class and all this has brought her karate on in great strides. Lisa’s great attitude and dedication to her training saw her deservedly awarded the role of Sempai in December and she is doing a fantastic job helping out in classes when asked. Lisa is a natural teacher and leader and I have no doubts would make a brilliant Club Instructor in the future. On the grading day she worked hard all afternoon and every section was taken with a great steely determination and focus. Congratulations Lisa keep up the fantastic work – a very well deserved 2nd Kyu!

Laura Brogden – 2nd Kyu
Laura is a brilliant student and another of our fantastic female adult students. She is a pleasure to teach and has a fantastic attitude to all her training. Laura has showed great promise and focus in classes and was recognised for this by being awarded with the role of Sempai back in December at our awards evening. Laura a regular attender of senior class, continues to go from strength to strength and significantly improve between her grades. A brilliant effort from Laura all afternoon showed why she deserved her 2nd Kyu and nothing really troubled her throughout the grading. Her kata’s, basics and stances were all very strong and in the kumite section Laura was outstanding – despite taking a slight knock she carried on with a fantastic and steely attitude and showed how far her character in karate has developed. Brilliant work Laura – Congratulations on your 2nd Kyu!

Matthew Lacy – 1st Kyu
Matthew has trained at the Chorley dojo for a number of years now and really enjoys his karate. He very rarely misses classes, arriving at the dojo early to practice his kata’s before the class start and to go through combinations. He is a brilliant student to teach, always listening and paying attention to everything he is shown, and he isn’t afraid to ask for feedback of anything he is unsure of. Matthew enjoys challenges in training and will practice endlessly until he gets it right. Matthew has waited longer than most to achieve his 1st Kyu but now knows he needs to increase his training – something that I have already spoken to him about, before moving forward again. Matthew has a great attitude though and understands that this is essential for his development as he prepares for his black belt ahead. He worked hard all afternoon at his grading and after a nervous start completed all basics, kata’s and kumite strongly and with confidence showing he has significantly improved in all arears since he last graded. Congratulations on your 1st Kyu Matthew – a very deserving grade!




Junior European Championships Alborg 2019 - News

Home from the Junior European Championships in Aalborg, Denmark and we are so very proud of our students - Nathan Crowther and Jordanna Williams who competed as part of the official England Karate Team.

Nathan who is currently ranked 2nd Nationally for his age and now ranked 5th in Europe with his team, went all the way to the bronze medal match in the Male Team Kata category - narrowly missing out on a European bronze medal by 0.3 points!

Jordanna who was competing individually in the Female Cadet category also did amazingly well and her tough training regime and commitment before the tournament in Aalborg has seen her climb individually as a result to a European ranking of 11th place for her age!

Huge Congratulations to both Nathan and Jordanna - a fantastic achievement from both on their first European outing for their country!


Kyu Grade & Black Belt Pre-Assessment - Sunday 9th June 2019.


Venue: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

Time:    11am - 12 noon - 10th Kyu's - 2nd Kyu's
              11am - 12.30 pm - 1st Kyu's, Shodan-Ho and Shodan's


All students who are invited and are hoping to grade in June must attend the pre-assessment where they will be observed by the chief instructor. The assessment is designed to put the student through their paces to see if they are ready for their next grade.

1st Kyu and all Black belts hoping to attempt the grades of either Shodan-Ho, Shodan or Nidan will  be assessed over an extra 30 minutes.

Grading forms will be given out to all successful students at the end of the assessment.

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before the pre-assessment starts, please sign in with your licence book and pre-assessment fee.  


Kyu Grade Grading - Sunday 16th June 2019.


Venue: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

Time:   1 - 4 pm for all grades.

All students should aim to arrive 15 - 20 minutes before the start of the grading to give themselves time to warm up and stretch off, they should also bring with them all kumite equipment, their licence book for updating and a drink.

Family and friends are very welcome to watch and show their support, but please could we ask that all observers are respectful to others - particularly those grading, and that all phones are set to silent.



Black Belt Grading - Sunday 23rd June 2019.


Location: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

12.30 - 4.30 pm for students and Instructors by invite only.

There will be a number of students due to attempt their Shodan - Ho or Shodan or Nidan grade in front of our grading panel.

This will not be an open grading. Only students grading and their invited family/friends are allowed to attend and support on the day. Supporters are more than welcome to take their own photographs.

For those who are attempting grading please remember to bring all your kumite equipment, plenty of drinks and energy snacks and a tracksuit top or hoodie to prevent cooling down too much between sessions.

Successful Shodan and Nidan students will be presented with their ranked certificate immediately following the grading. Embroidered belts can be ordered in advance if required - or ordered on a selected date after the grading.

Successful Shodan-Ho students will be presented with their black belt and ranked certificate immediately following the grading.

If you are a student and would like to help assist those who are grading - please check with Sensei Simon that you have prior permission to attend. 

Musuko Karate Academy Students Selected for Junior European Championships 2019!

Two Musuko Karate Academy students - Nathan Crowther and Jordanna Williams have been selected to represent their country as part of the official England Kata Squad in the Junior European Championships in Denmark in February 2019.

Nathan Crowther- who is 17 years of age has been selected as part of the Junior Male Kata team along with two other team members. Nathan who was also in the final two for selection consideration for Junior Male Individual Kata, is now working hard to constantly improve and training is already in the pipeline with his two team members as they prepare for the Championships ahead. A Silver medalist at both the BKF 4 Nations and the BKF Internationals amongst other successful tournament wins, this thougtful and inspiring young man continues to make great progress with his karate and we know he will give it his all when the Championships come around. 

Jordanna Williams - who is just 15 years of age, was successfully selected for the Female Cadet Individual Kata on her first attempt which is an amazing achievement and is again practicing in earnest as she prepares for the Championships next year. Jordanna is a determined athlete and has already plans in place to improve even futher. She is going from strength to strength and successfully won Gold in Female Cadet Individual Kata at the North East Open Championships the week before going for selections. A member of our Elite Squad Team, Jordanna is a lovely girl and definately one to watch for the future! 

Another of our Elite Squad members - Danni Willliams, also did herself and the club proud by being selected in the final two Cadet females in the Individual Kata category on her first attempt at Cadet level. We definately didn't envy the tough task of the coach and referee having to select between Danni and Jordanna for the individual slot - as both girls are amazing!

Danni Williams - who has only just turned 14 years of age is super talented. She has a real steely determination and will definately go far in the future. Danni who is another lovely girl  has already represented England in the Youth Kata Squad qualifying for a place on her first attempt. She competed in Helsinki in August this year and won a Gold medal in the Female Team Kata category with fantastic performances. She was also a Silver Medalist at the BKF 4 Nations Championships , amongst other tournament medal achievements and is also the 2017 Greater Manchester Young Sports Acheiver of the Year which is a fantastic acolade to have! There is no doubt that it's only a matter of time before this young lady is again selected for her country and we cannot wait to see her achieve this. 

Massive Congratulations to all three of the above students - you are all absolutely amazingly talented and we look forward to watching you progress through your karate journeys. We are so proud of you all!! 



Black Belt Grading - Sunday 18th November 2018 - Results

We have had a very busy November here at Musuko Karate Academy which has seen a lot of student’s grade to their next levels at the club Kyu grading and then on Sunday 18th November we held our Black Belt grading at Fleetwood for students who were eligible to grade.

The black belt grading had eight students who were attempting the grade of Shodan-Ho, Shodan or Nidan. Every student would have been obviously nervous and apprehensive at the beginning – and nerves are natural – but not one student ever considered giving up and quitting the grading and I’m extremely proud of each and every one of them for their sheer drive and determination.

Due to the dedication and hard work of instructors and students here at Musuko Karate Academy we had another 100% pass rate!  After what was a bit of a ‘slow start’ getting everyone really focused and ‘switched on’ it turned out to be one of the best black belt gradings we have ever had!

Thank you to all the parents and family members who supported on the day, your support as always means everything and without you all giving up your time to drive your children around to all the classes and events our club wouldn’t be the great club it has become for everyone.

We must mention the people who kindly gave up their day to assist me on the grading panel - our specially invited Sensei, Senior Instructors Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Martin Thomas and Sensei Martin Wilmot, and helping out with the grading Sensei Jack Churchouse, Sensei Kirsty Churchouse, Junior Instructor’s Nathan Crowther, Taigen Swinburn, Ben Churchouse and Alfie Appleby and students Oliver Spencer and Jordanna Williams. Admin and preparation were once again superbly put together by Sensei Yvonne Crowther and drinks were kindly supplied by Eddie Peak.  Thank you to each and every one  of you. Your commitment to the club does not go unnoticed and I could not do days like black belt gradings without all your help.

We are sure the whole club will join us in Congratulating the students individually named below along with their new ranks.

To get to these grades in Karate takes many, many years of dedication and it takes a very special student to go all the way to black belt and then continue beyond that with their training. Some students simply hang up their belts when they achieve black belt, thinking that is the end result but this action is an awful waste.

We sincerely hope that the students listed below will continue with their training for many years to come as their karate journeys only now truly begin.

Rohan Williams – Shodan – Ho

Rohan is a very dedicated student who has only been training with us for around eight months after joining us from another club. In the time that Rohan has been with us he has turned his karate totally on it’s head. When he joined us he won’t mind me saying that his movements were ‘rather wild and uncontrolled’ but he has worked hard and improved vastly. On the grading day Rohan did brilliantly from the start – he had very good stances and his kata’s were done to an excellent standard with lots of focus and kimae. Rohan had good combinations and stance work and showed some lovely understanding of hips. In the kumite section Rohan did struggle slightly to begin with and tried to outmatch his sparring partners – but he could be forgiven for this as this was his first grading with us and he has had no prior experience of our kumite sections. Rohan however soon settled down and started to show real composure and understanding when sparring and looked like he was really enjoying himself at the end and came through very strong. Congratulations Rohan a fantastic achievement – keep up the brilliant training and focus. A very well deserved Shodan-Ho grade!

Emma Mackie – Shodan-Ho

Emma is a great student who really enjoys her karate and takes it very seriously. Emma has worked hard leading up to her Shodan-Ho grade. She has trained consistently and attended all senior classes she could. She has always progressed well through her grades and her black belt was no exception. Emma is a quieter student so took quite a bit of prompting to overcome her nerves before we really saw the best of her.  On the day after her initial nerves had diminished Emma cracked on with everything she was given with fantastic determination and focus. Her basics and stances were done cleanly and with understanding and her combinations had been practiced well. Emma’s kata’s were also very good and she had no hesitations at all during any of the kata’s asked of her. In the kumite section Emma worked extremely hard and was pushed more than ever before but she took every challenge she was given calmly and in control and showed some fantastic kumite skills. Well done and Congratulations on your Shodan-Ho grade Emma. Awesome work. Keep working hard now for that Shodan grade!

Karen Jackson – Shodan-Ho

Karen is another great female student who really enjoys her karate and is extremely consistent with her training. Karen can be really hard on herself and have a lot of self-doubt, but her confidence is beginning to grow and she is starting to believe in herself more. Karen was very nervous at the start of the grading but after some prompting, she got the better of her nerves and started to display some really good karate. Karen’s basics and stances were all very clean and precise and her combinations had been practiced well. She is very consistent with her training and this showed on the day. Karen also regularly attended senior classes and both have massively helped her leading up to the grading. Karen’s kata’s were done well and she showed no hesitation completing them, she had strong kia’s throughout all her kata’s and this really helped her to show good powerful moves. In the kumite section Karen has always been good and she showed again some great control, focus and understanding. She was totally unfazed by all her sparring partners and kept her composure when pushed very hard. Congratulations on your Shodan-Ho grade Karen, very well deserved.  I look forward to seeing you continue to work hard towards your full rank of Shodan next year. Keep up the fab work!

Max Gray – Shodan – Ho

Max is a lovely gentle young man who always tries his hardest in classes and despite some injury setbacks has kept going and never given up. He regularly attends classes – rarely missing, and he is slowly growing in confidence. Max has worked hard leading up to his Shodan-Ho grade he has attended senior class and listened hard to everything he has been taught. On the grading day Max was very quiet as is his character and just calmly got on with the job in hand. He was determined to achieve his grade and did his best in every section.  He showed good basics and stances and completed his combinations to the best standard he could although he tired very quickly. Max displayed kata’s which were generally good and he kept his focus and composure throughout. In the kumite section Max did brilliantly and really worked hard until the very end. I am extremely proud that Max has bounced back after his injuries and has kept a positive mind set and I know he will continue to work to the best of his ability to obtain his Shodan grade. Congratulations Max – great effort for your Shodan-Ho. Well done!

Naisha Patel – Shodan-Ho

Naisha is another of our younger students, she has been training well this last six months and has vastly improved since her 1st Kyu grade. She has been attending classes regularly as well as senior class and all this helped Naisha massively at her grading. Naisha’s focus has also significantly improved and if Naisha continued to apply herself she really could go far. She has always had fantastic hip work – well advanced for her grade – and her stances have cleaned up an awful lot. On the grading day after temporarily losing her focus at the beginning, Naisha found her niche and started to come alive. She displayed good stance work and combinations and very well practiced kata’s with good kimae. In the kumite section Naisha showed good control and understanding of distance and some lovely kicks which is one of her strong points. Great work from you on the day Naisha – Congratulations on your Shodan-Ho.

Paul Webber – Shodan

Paul is a fantastic student who always trains with every amount of focus and effort he can. He has always trained regularly, rarely missing classes and started attending senior class as soon as he could. He takes his karate very seriously and is always practicing when he can. Paul has worked really hard since his Shodan-Ho grade, he has kept his training up continuously and showed he was really ready to attempt his Shodan. On the grading day Paul gave 100% effort from the start, his basics and stances were very clean and his combinations were strong and with kimae. Paul did very well in his kata’s he displayed good relaxation and a good understanding of hips. In kumite Paul has always been very strong but in his last few gradings he has showed much more control and understanding of distance. He has never been troubled with sparring partners and now shows much more respect to whoever he is working with. Now he has attained his Shodan grade there are lots more challenges ahead for Paul as Shodan is only the beginning.  Congratulations on your Shodan grade Paul – fantastic work. Thoroughly deserved!

Jack Southern – Shodan

Jack is a great young man who again has always trained regularly and tries his hardest in classes. He was the youngest student at the grading, but he didn’t let that faze him at all. Jack has continued to keep his training up since his Shodan-Ho grade, he has struggled at times but has kept going through sheer determination and came through strong on the grading day. He has really worked hard on his weaker points given after his last grading and all credit must go to him for this. Jack did really well on the grading day, after having a few issues concentrating early on in the grading – he really started to come into his own and then showed off all the training he has done over the years. Jack displayed some good basics and stances and in the combination section – one of the hardest things at a black belt grading Jack kept going and didn’t give up.  In the kata section Jack was very calm and his kata’s were done well and with confidence, and you could see that they had been practiced well. In the kumite section Jack coped brilliantly and wasn’t bothered by any sparring challenges at all and was determined to keep going no matter what.  Brilliant work young man! A very well deserved Shodan grade. Congratulations!

Del Knowles – Nidan

Del is a fantastic person to have in the club – he helps out in any way he can and very often does selfless acts of kindness. Del has always trained consistently he tries his hardest in classes and very rarely misses a senior class. Del worked hard leading up to his Nidan grade – despite having some long-term injuries – Del was determined to be fully prepared and really got stuck in at senior class. On the grading day Del was brilliant from the start with loud responses and great focus. He had good basics and stances and his combinations were significantly cleaner than when he attempted his Shodan grade. Del also displayed some great kata’s and showed he has vastly improved in all areas. In the kumite section Del showed some great control and distance, he kept going throughout and showed great respect to all his sparring partners. Congratulations on your Nidan rank Del – I am so pleased and proud of you. Fantastic work well done!

Chris Greenhalgh – Nidan

Chris is another great guy to have in the club – he has trained regularly since his Shodan grade and although having work commitments has got to classes when he can. He listens intently in the dojo and takes his karate seriously. He has worked hard leading up to his Nidan grade and on the grading day gave 100% effort from the very start. He had loud responses and great focus and was determined to do well no matter what. Chris showed generally good stances and basics and well-practiced combinations that were significantly better than his Shodan grade. Chris’s kata’s were really clean and taken with much more confidence than at his last grading, noticeably they were performed well with good focus showing that Chris has continued to grow in confidence.  In the kumite section Chris was pushed very hard but he kept his composure, not once losing his temper and really showed his strong character that he has built up over the years. I am really pleased how Chris did – as Nidan gradings are not easy but Chris handled it all extremely well. Congratulations on your Nidan rank Chris – very well done! Keep up the great work!


Kyu Club Grading 10th November - Results

On Sunday 11th November we held a very large grading for students nervously taking their first steps onto the grading ladder of 9th Kyu Yellow belt all the way through the grades to students attempting their 1st Kyu grade – the last Kyu grade before black belt.

We once again had a 100% pass rate – and I am proud of the high standards that as a club we are now renowned for – yes in arears there can still be improvements made and some students will have feedback to work on – but as a group largely the standard is brilliant.

I shall start as always thanking those who helped and supported the grading on the day – I always say this but without these people’s valued assistance, days like gradings would be impossible tasks to hold. Thank you then to Senior Instructors Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Martin Thomas and Sensei Martin Wilmot. Club Instructor’s Sensei Del Knowles, Sensei Jack Churchouse, Sensei Kirsty Churchouse and Sensei Paul Webber. Junior Instructor’s Nathan Crowther and Taigen Swinburn, Sempai Karen Jackson, Junior Sempai’s Brandon Crowther, Danni Williams, Ben Churchouse and Katie Knowles. And to students Paul Preston, Jordanna Williams and Rohan Williams. Thank you also to Sensei Yvonne Crowther for all the admin work, time and effort put into preparations for the grading.

The room was packed with family members and friends all keen to support their loved ones and also everyone else grading too, for some parents this was their first experience of a club grading – and we hoped you enjoyed watching your children or family members from the sides. Everyone was brilliant and really took on the role of getting behind the students – particularly in the kumite section – clapping and encouraging them all on until the very end. Parents and Carers thank you for your continued support – we are extremely lucky to have such supportive and encouraging families and your lovely comments and actions are really appreciated.

As it was Remembrance Sunday we started the grading with asking everyone to stand for a minute’s silence – there were an awful lot of people in the room and some of our students were only five years of age but the silence was upheld impeccably and you could have heard a pin drop – it was a lovely touching tribute to all those that sacrificed their lives for the sake of others – and the minutes silence was ended with a rousing round of applause from everyone.

As mentioned, we had a lot of young students grading – some of those were attempting the grades of yellow belt and very excited to be in their first club grading! All the white belts - both younger and older students, worked really hard all afternoon. They looked like they really enjoyed meeting new people and seeing the higher grades perform. Well done to you all – Congratulations on your new yellow belts and keep up the great work!

The same can be said for students going from 8th Kyu Orange belt to 4th Kyu Purple belts – there are some fantastic students coming through the ranks – and it’s really great to see students evermore progress and advance within their karate. There were some real noticeable differences in development for some students from the last grading – and it was clear to see that these students had increased their training hours and had been working extra hard in classes.

We always mention by name those students who gain the Senior grade of 3rd Kyu Brown belt and above – these students have been training for a number of years and have been determined to overcome challenges within their karate. Their sheer drive to continue moving forward is what gains them these high grades so we personally Congratulate each and every one of the students named below:

Abigail Mackie – 3rd Kyu

Abigail is a lovely gentle girl who always tries her best in every class, she is a real pleasure to teach and has some great friends within the club. Abigail very rarely misses classes and has trained with Sensei Simon since a white belt along with her mum Emma. Abigail is very determined and is consistently improving within her karate – she has not always found certain aspects of her training easy but when Abigail overcomes these it makes it all that bit more special and worthwhile, and it’s an absolute joy to see her achieve her personal goals. Abigail worked hard all afternoon at her grading and was very determined to achieve her senior grade, she did every section with a smile on her face and never once thought of quitting. Abigail had practiced her kata’s well, and she coped brilliantly in the kumite. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Abigail, very well deserved. Keep up the great work!

Oliver Preston – 3rd Kyu

Oliver is a quiet young man – who just calmly get on with his training, he is extremely polite and seems to be enjoying his karate. Oliver always concentrates and listens hard in classes and tries his best at everything he does. He regularly trains along with his dad Paul and is a pleasure to have in the dojo.   Oliver did very well at his grading, his katas were of a good standard and were executed well. He had good clean basics and some nice stances and he showed that he had been working hard leading up to his grading. Oliver worked extremely hard in the kumite section and coped brilliantly despite having some challenging rounds. Oliver is starting to gain confidence in all arears of his karate and this is something we will continue to work with now he is eligible for senior class.   Well done Oliver, keep up the great work! Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu!

Ella Chalk-Derby – 3rd Kyu

Ella as one of our younger female members is a great student to have in classes – we can be forgiven for thinking Ella is actually older than her age because she is so tall! She is a very mannerable student and seems to be enjoying her karate. Regularly training along with her mum and sister – Ella always tries in classes and is progressing well through her grades. She is now beginning to take her karate more seriously as she gets that little bit older and this is now reflecting in her standard more. Ella worked very hard at her grading – she focused throughout all day and was determined to give each section her all. She had well practiced kata’s and good understanding of basics. In the kumite section which is one of Ella’s stronger points she coped fantastically well in all arears and was easily able to cope with all sparring partners she was given. Well done Ella – Congratulations, a well-deserved 3rd Kyu! I look forward to seeing you in Senior class as you progress towards your black belt.

Nicola Snowden-Pears – 3rd Kyu

Nicola is one of our talented adult females within the club, she trains along with both her husband and two children – who are also brilliant, and she is doing really well! Nicola is a fantastic student to have in the dojo, she listens intensely to everything she is taught and then puts it straight into practice. A popular member within the club, Nicola has lots of friends and they have a fab time together both in and outside the dojo. Nicola worked extremely hard at her grading she completed every section fully and showed some lovely basics and kata’s. In the kumite section Nicola was pushed further than in previous gradings and at times looked like she was struggling a little – but she dug in and was determined to see her grading through and get that Brown belt. Congratulations Nicola – a very well deserved 3rd Kyu grade! I look forward to seeing you in Senior class now.

Laura Brogden – 3rd Kyu

Laura is another of our great adult females and another really lovely and popular student. She is a very dedicated student and along with son Henry they very rarely miss classes. Laura was super keen to attain her Brown belt as she is really looking forward to starting senior class, a valuable class for all 3rd Kyu’s and above. Laura has improved since her 4th Kyu grade and from the very start of her grading was determined to give each section her all. She had some lovely clean basics and good kicks and her kata’s were clean and had been practiced well. Again, like Nicola, she struggled a little in the kumite section as she hadn’t experienced that amount of intensity before – but she gritted her teeth and kept going throughout showing great spirit and determination. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Laura, brilliant work!

Lisa McKenzie – 3rd Kyu

Another brilliant adult student Lisa is very determined and doesn’t really let much get in her way – despite major surgery on her wrist she was soon back in the dojo training away and determined to get that next grade! She trains regularly with her two children and is super keen to improve herself in all areas of her karate. Lisa always tries her best in the dojo and we consider ourselves lucky to have such great females training in our classes and helping to set the bench marks for other female students who are lower grades. On the grading day Lisa worked tirelessly all afternoon, she didn’t let anything faze her and gave every section her all. Despite taking a knock to her wrist in the kumite section she took everything in her stride and coped brilliantly all day. Like Nicola and Laura, Lisa is also super keen to start Senior Class, and I look forward to seeing her continue to improve as she works towards her black belt. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Lisa – very well done. Keep up the fab work!

Gary Churchouse – 2nd Kyu

Gary one of our male adult students – is a great member to have in the club and another of our students who is determined to succeed no matter what. Gary a popular guy within the club has his wife Sensei Kirsty and Son Sensei Jack along with Junior Sempai Ben to keep him in check and he is doing a great job making them all super proud! Gary is always very supportive of everything we do and is a great character to train around, he always tries his hardest in classes and never gives up if he doesn’t get something at first – which says a real lot about his character.   Gary worked very hard at his grading and despite carrying a personal injury didn’t let that stop him going for his 2nd Kyu. He completed all his sections well and showed some well-practiced and clean kata’s, and nice basics. In  kumite Gary has earned himself the nickname ‘Rocky Balboa’ for his formidable long arms and lightening quick speed! Gary seems to thrive in the kumite section and although being pushed hard he didn’t let anything faze him at all. Well done Gary! Congratulations on a very deserving 2nd Kyu – keep up the brilliant work!

Ocean Patel – 1st Kyu

Ocean is one of our popular younger members of the dojo and is quite a character to have around. He trains regularly along with his sister and is starting to make good progress in his karate. A popular member with our younger students Ocean is good natured and always polite. Since attending Senior class – Ocean has started to become more attentive in lessons and he has significantly improved both in concentration levels and stances. Ocean worked hard at his grading – he didn’t stop all day and was pushed hard in each section as he was going for his final Kyu grade. He showed some good practiced basics and kata’s – something that he’d been working on in Senior class – and some well controlled kumite. When pushed in the kumite section – Ocean didn’t lose his temper, held his control and kept pushing forward showing he has gained character in this area since his last grading. Well done Ocean – Congratulations on your 1st Kyu – next stop Black Belt!

William Marland – 1st Kyu

William is a lovely polite young student and a real pleasure to teach in the dojo. He always tries his hardest in every lesson – listening attentively and then putting it into practice and he is now growing both in confidence and ability. A brilliant student to train around he is a popular member within the club and like many of our other students is very loyal and supportive in everything we do. William has significantly improved since his last grading – something that was pointed out to me on the day from other Sensei’s, and all his lessons at Senior class are definitely paying off for him. William worked tirelessly all afternoon – showing some lovely basics, good clean kata’s and lovely stances. In the kumite section William was pushed harder than ever before – and he definitely came out on top showing real steely determination and a character that was absolutely superb! Congratulations on your 1st Kyu William – absolutely brilliant! I look forward to seeing you attempt your black belt grade next year!

Lydia – May Geddes – 1st Kyu

Lydia is a fabulous student to have in the dojo and is vastly improving all the time. She is working very hard at her karate and it’s all starting to pay off for Lydia now. An absolute pleasure to teach, Lydia is a lovely popular girl who always listens well in classes and tries her hardest at everything. She has significantly improved since her 2nd Kyu and she seems to be really enjoying her karate. Lydia worked tirelessly all afternoon at the grading and coped with all sections brilliantly. She had very clean basics and stances and good practiced kata’s and executed them all with real confidence. In the kumite she was pushed harder than in previous gradings – but coped with all situations well and was very determined to succeed showing good control and movement. Lydia is now starting to believe in herself much more and this is really good to see! Well done Lydia. Congratulations on your 1st Kyu – keep working hard towards that black belt next year!

Georgia Jackson – 1st Kyu

Georgia is an absolutely lovely student to teach and a real delight to have in the dojo. A popular member with other girls of her age Georgia is super talented and has progressed through all her grades well. Along with her mum Sempai Karen Jackson she rarely misses classes and is a very loyal and supportive student. She always tries her hardest in classes, is extremely polite and always has a lovely smile on her face. Georgia has trained really hard leading up to her 1st Kyu grade and was very determined to successfully achieve her new belt. At the grading Georgia displayed well honed basics and kata’s and had some lovely kicks and stances. In the kumite section she handled everything well and was unfazed by all opponents, even in the two on one section right at the very end. I am extremely pleased how much progress Georgia has made and I look forward to seeing her attempt her black belt grade next year. Very well-done Georgia – Congratulations on your 1st Kyu.


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